Personal loans guide

The current period would seem favorable for those wishing to apply for personal loans inpdap : interest rates are low, banks are incentivized to lend money to citizens and families, and online proposals at advantageous conditions are multiplying. However, requesting and obtaining financing is never a discounted and automatic operation, as it is necessary to prepare in a precise way to meet the conditions set by banks and credit institutions and to convince them of their reliability as payers.


on Sunday, March 25, 2018


When requesting an inpdap loan, it is necessary to present particular guarantees to the provider: often the age of the applicant, who must always be of age, will be subject to limits, which may exclude certain categories from access to inpdap funding. Equally important is proving that they have a regular salary : some institutions require proof of a monthly salary, such as a paycheck, or the signing of an open-ended employment contract; other institutions may be more flexible, providing the applicant with the possibility of proving alternative revenue , such as a secure financial income or remuneration from work as a freelancer. Finally, with regard to the credentials to be presented to the bank, it will be important to show that it is not a “bad payer”, ie not to have incurred serious insolvency or repeated repayment in payments of inpdap loans or previous loans.

Obviously, it is not only the bank or the credit institution that will have to evaluate the applicant, since the latter will also be able to analyze the characteristics of the lenders and the validity of their proposals, whether they are offered by banks or online companies. It should not be limited to assessing the annual interest rate, as defined by the TAN, but special attention must also be paid to the so-called APR, a more comprehensive indicator that includes all the costs of financing, among which could be hidden additional costs or the need to take out an insurance policy on the loan obtained. Equally important will be to define the amortization plan : the amount of monthly installments, the total duration of the inpdap loan, the possible degree of flexibility of the credit institution in case of delay of the balance and the potential consequences in case of non-payment.

Inpdap loans are a highly valued tool for obtaining credit at favorable conditions.

Today, almost 3 years after the closure of the social security institution, Inps manages all the inpdap loans. Despite this, these loans have remained very convenient as they are provided at very advantageous terms and interest rates.