A small rate for your loan repurchase agreement

  Redeeming your loan is becoming common practice as we speak. This is a banking operation to improve the management of domestic finances after having contracted several bank loans. How to buy a loan? The process for initiating a debt restructuring starts with the search for an organization with the capacity to take charge of […]

The Impact of Rates on a Mortgage Loan

With low rates , many borrowers are quick to buy real estate , whether for a principal residence or a rental investment project. Money does not cost much and operations can be very profitable. What about the real gain obtained thanks to a low rate ? We decided to offer you different cases to realize […]

Zero Rate Loan for Energy Saving Jobs

  The eco-PTZ is a loan that is intended to finance your ecological renovation work and opens to property owners who are occupants of their property or they decide to rent it. The work carried out on the basis of the capital obtained on the basis of this loan at zero rate must be done […]

Mortgage and Mortgage: Amount, Calculation and Operation

The mortgage loan can be accompanied by guarantees among which we find the mortgage . In this case, the lender’s guarantee will cover the real estate which he can orchestrate the seizure and auction in the event of default by the borrower. It will be thus that he will obtain the repayment of his debt .   1 […]

The guarantee of a mortgage

Mortgage , Privilege of lender of money (PPD) , surety ( Home loan for example), pledge … The bank that will lend you funds will necessarily ask you what is called a guarantee . Whatever the selected one, they all have the same objective: Guarantee your mortgage for the bank; in other words, the bank […]

Non-repayable loans

  Car financing: loan with or without maxi installment 2016 When it comes to financing, reference is made to loans that usually have to be repaid through the payment of installments, the amount of which is increased by the interest rate applied and by the additional expenses. Alongside this method, however, there are other options […]

Personal loans guide

The current period would seem favorable for those wishing to apply for personal loans inpdap : interest rates are low, banks are incentivized to lend money to citizens and families, and online proposals at advantageous conditions are multiplying. However, requesting and obtaining financing is never a discounted and automatic operation, as it is necessary to prepare in a […]

The advantages of simulating the redemption of credits on simulation

To take advantage of budget relief, the purchase of loans or debt consolidation is an excellent solution. It allows debtors who have several outstanding loans to avoid the risk of excessive debt. The operation of the redemption of credits This procedure consists of collecting several loans in the form of one. As a result, the […]

Mortgage or PPD, what differences?

    In terms of mortgage loan guarantee , one would tend to confuse mortgage and lender privilege with deniers or PPDs . It should be known that the mortgage has pre-existed the PPD and can be considered as the traditional guarantee of real estate loans whereas the PPD is distinguished by the lightness of […]

Loans and non-repayable loans

  Non-repayable loans This type of loans and loans are usually aimed at female entrepreneurship, youth or new start-ups. In some cases there are also loans that are disbursed to already existing and consolidated companies as long as they invest in certain sectors considered strategic. What are non-repayable loans? Non-repayable loans assume a capital contribution: […]

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