A small rate for your loan repurchase agreement

  Redeeming your loan is becoming common practice as we speak. This is a banking operation to improve the management of domestic finances after having contracted several bank loans. How to buy a loan? The process for initiating a debt restructuring starts with the search for an organization with the capacity to take charge of […]

The Impact of Rates on a Mortgage Loan

With low rates , many borrowers are quick to buy real estate , whether for a principal residence or a rental investment project. Money does not cost much and operations can be very profitable. What about the real gain obtained thanks to a low rate ? We decided to offer you different cases to realize […]

Zero Rate Loan for Energy Saving Jobs

  The eco-PTZ is a loan that is intended to finance your ecological renovation work and opens to property owners who are occupants of their property or they decide to rent it. The work carried out on the basis of the capital obtained on the basis of this loan at zero rate must be done […]

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