Mortgage and Mortgage: Amount, Calculation and Operation

The mortgage loan can be accompanied by guarantees among which we find the mortgage . In this case, the lender’s guarantee will cover the real estate which he can orchestrate the seizure and auction in the event of default by the borrower. It will be thus that he will obtain the repayment of his debt .   1 […]

The guarantee of a mortgage

Mortgage , Privilege of lender of money (PPD) , surety ( Home loan for example), pledge … The bank that will lend you funds will necessarily ask you what is called a guarantee . Whatever the selected one, they all have the same objective: Guarantee your mortgage for the bank; in other words, the bank […]

Non-repayable loans

  Car financing: loan with or without maxi installment 2016 When it comes to financing, reference is made to loans that usually have to be repaid through the payment of installments, the amount of which is increased by the interest rate applied and by the additional expenses. Alongside this method, however, there are other options […]

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